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What is Vedanta?

“Vedanta”, the word, is a derivative of two Sanskrit words – “Veda” or knowledge and “anta” or end, that together mean “the end or culmination of knowledge” and is believed to be that knowledge, the attainment of which requires no further knowledge.

For spiritual seekers, it presents the path of “self or God realization” – the ultimate goal of human-life.

For those seeking answers to the more mundane issues, answers to the troubles and tribulations of daily existence, Vedanta serves as a ready-reference of the eternal laws of life and living; a guide to a fulfilling, enriching life.

Max Muller - the renowned German Philologist and Orientalist – in an apparent assurance to both audiences, and in a glowing tribute to Vedanta, states - “If philosophy or religion is meant to be preparation of the after-life, a happy life and happy death, I know of no better preparation for it than Vedanta”.